Happy Summer!

Hello everyone!  

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our chubas and the ordering process.  So, we wanted to write a post giving some information and tips for ordering chubas from us.

  • At this time, we mostly make custom chubas.  We do not have any already made, but when we do, we’ll be sure to post about it on the website and on Facebook.  Oh yeah, if you haven’t already, please like our page on Facebook 🙂 )
  • To start an order, you can email us directly at bodhileafdesigns@aol.com.  Please be as specific as possible when saying what color you would like.  There are many different shades of a color, and even saying something like “dark green” or “hunter green” would be extremely helpful when finding fabric for you.  Also, sending a photo of the color you would like would be great!  
  • Speaking of fabric, we do purchase the fabric after you order (we also require a deposit/half of full payment for the fabric), and sometimes our local stores might not have what you want or what we are looking for, so we have to purchase online.  Because of this, if you would like to order a chuba for an event, please make sure you order at least a month before the event.  Also, while we do try to get everything purchased and made very quickly, we do work full-time jobs on the weekdays, and sometimes, we only have the weekends to make chubas and do other things.  So, please be patient.  However, the average time it takes to get items out is usually 1-2 weeks. 
  • USPS Priority Mail shipping is included in the price. Because of this and the increasing costs of postage, our prices may increase a little. Also, if you do not live in the US, please let us know when ordering. International shipping prices are quite expensive; shipping can start at $20. 

If you have any other questions about the chubas, ordering, shipping, etc. please feel free to email us.

Thank you!

-Krissy and Cindy

🔆Half-Chuba Sale🔆

Half-Chuba sale!

We are having a sale on all custom made half-chubas (aka chuba skirts)!

$15 off the labor fee ($30 instead of $45)

**Sample prices:

Gabardine/linen-look/similar fabrics – $65+

Brocades/silks/etc – $70+

(These prices do not include shipping and vary based on cost of fabric)

And as always, you are welcome to send your own fabric and you will only be charged the $30 labor fee and plus the cost of shipping.

This sale will end November 12th, so get your orders in quickly!

All half-chuba orders made between now and November 12th will get the sale price.

Chuba for Sale!

We are slowly starting to increase our inventory of pre-made chubas. We have one available now and plan to have more in the future.  We will add them to the website as they become available.

Available now!

Purple/Black Brocade Chuba Dress – Size M – $160 (includes shipping within the United States)

More details can be found here – Pre-made Chubas





And, of course, you can still order a custom chuba at any time.


Thank you for visiting!


-Cindy & Krissy



Chuba Sale! Jan. 19 – Feb. 26, 2017

We are having a sale on chubas and half-chubas!  $10 off of the labor fee for chubas (Sale price is $55; Regular price is $65) and $15 off the labor fee for half-chubas (Sale price is $30; Reg price is $45).

Therefore, if your fabric of choice is $10 a yard, your total price for a chuba (for most sizes) would be $95 (and that includes shipping), and/or your total cost for a half-chuba would be $55-$60 (depending on size).    And, as always, you are free to send us your own fabric and you would only pay the sale labor fee. [Note: yardage requirements can be found here]

This sale ends on February 26, 2017


Notes: Orders are made on a first come first served basis, so if you need a chuba made by a certain date, please try to get your order in at least 2 weeks before your event.  Also, if you have a certain type of fabric in mind, it may be best for you to purchase it and send it to us, or give us enough time in case we have to order online.  We are down to one major fabric store in our area, and the choices may be limited.   Thank you!


Hello everyone!

We originally planned on making malas and selling them here; however, we haven’t had much time to make anything other than chubas. Therefore, for anyone interested in purchasing malas, we would like to refer you to Katog Ratna Ling’s Etsy store. KRL is our local dharma center, and the malas are made by one of our sangha members. The malas are very beautiful, well made and reasonably priced. Also, by purchasing from this store, you will be helping to keep our center going.

In addition to malas, the KRL store has beautiful cards, also made by sangha members.

Katog Ratna Ling Etsy Store

Thank you very much! 🙂

– Krissy and Cindy
Bodhi Leaf Designs