Custom made Chubas: Information & Pricing

Here are some examples of our prices for custom made chubas. Prices are based on fabric types/prices at our local stores or online. The fabric types listed are to be used as a guide. There are other fabric types that you can request, and the prices are usually similar for similar types of fabric, for example: polyester or polyester blends usually fall within the same price range. We’ve listed some fabrics that are not available at our local stores but we know are available online. So, if you do not mind if your item ships a little late, we can purchase fabrics online to keep the costs down. This goes for silks and brocades as well.

Chuba dress (dress only)

Price varies by fabric**

  • Polyester, poly/rayon blend, etc: $100+
  • Cotton: $100+
  • Stretch Gabardine (purchased online): $100+
  • Gabardine (poly/rayon blend): $120+
  • Cotton Twill: $120+
  • Linen: $130+
  • Sari/Brocade/etc: $160+
  • Silks: $170+

(Lining will cost extra, and the price is based on what type of lining you want. Please specify if you would like to add it.)

If you purchase your own fabric and send it to us, the labor fee starts at $65, and the fee depends on the fabric ( some fabrics are more difficult to work with and require extra materials, such as fray check, matching serger thread, a color of thread we do not have on hand, etc.) and whether or not you would like the sizing to be more fitted than the sizes within the sizing chart.  


**Price is based on 4 yards of fabric and may be higher if more fabric is needed.


Chuba skirt

  • Cotton: $65 & up
  • Polyester/Gabardine/Linen/etc: $75 & up
  • Sari/Brocade/etc: $80 & up
  • Silks: $80 & up

(Lining will cost extra. Please specify if you would like to add it.)

If you purchase your own fabric, the labor fee will be $45 (includes shipping within USA).


As of right now, we are not taking custom orders for blouses.  We are in the process of making blouses in various colors and fabrics to sell.


Shipping & Handling:

USPS Priority Mail w/delivery confirmation (within the USA)

Shipping can cost between $6 and $18, depending on the size of the item(s).

Contact us for International shipping information

If you want insurance, please let us know and we’ll calculate the cost.  The insurance price is based on the value of the items.


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  1. This is Miriam again: which colors do you have in Stretch Gabardine or Gabardine (poly/rayon blend)?

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