Sizing Information


Sizing: (This chart is used as a guide.  We can usually alter the pattern to make smaller or bigger sizes.  For sizes outside of the chart, we will need the measurements listed below the chart. Email us for more information)

Size Chart (inches):

 Bust 301/2-311/2
 40-42 44-46
 Waist 23-24
 25-261/2 28-30
 Hip 321/2-331/2
 42-44 46-48
 Back Waist Length


For a more custom fit, you can send us your measurements.  Here are some guides for where to measure:


1. Measure from top of shoulder to underneath the arm
2. Across shoulders
3. Bust (all the way around and just from under arm to under arm
4. Waist (around the waist)
5. Length from shoulder to where you want the dress to stop
6. Shoulder to shoulder on back
7. Under arm to under arm (on back)
8. From neck to waist

Also, if you could send us your height, that would be great too.


Measure around the waist or hips (depending on where you want to wear the skirt) and, measure from waist (or hips) to where you want the skirt to stop.

Note: If you do not have a tape measure, you can look at a sizing chart online at a store that sells a dress or skirt that fits you well.  For example, if there is a dress/shirt/skirt you recently bought at Old Navy that fits you perfectly, go to the website and find the item or a similar item and look at your size on the sizing chart and get those measurements.  It might not have all we need, but it will give us something to work with.


If you plan to send your own fabric to us, here is the yardage chart to explain how many yards of fabric we will need.

Yardage chart:
(Please email us regarding other sizes outside of this chart.)


45in width
(most silks, sari, brocade; some cottons; etc)
60in width
(most gabardines, linens, polyester; some cottons; etc)
x-small 4 yards 4 yards
 small 4 yards 4 yards
 medium 41/2 yards 41/2 yards
 large 41/2 yards 41/2 yards
x-large 5 yards 4-1/2 to 5-1/2  yards (depends on the size)

If you would like a dress or skirt made, and you need a size larger than an xl, please contact us and we’ll let you know how much fabric we need.


45in 60in
 x-small 3 2.5
 small  3 3
 medium  3 3
 large 3 3
 x-large 3 3




  1. I live in Jerusalem, Israel. Would you be ready to deliver? And how much would it cost?
    Thank you in advance for your answer. Miriam

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