Tibetan Chubas

We specialize in custom made chubas.  However, we sometimes have pre-made chubas to sell.  The chuba dress is the traditional dress of Tibetan women.  It is a wrap dress and is typically worn over a blouse.  The chuba skirt (or half chuba) is simply the bottom half of the dress.

How to Order
We are accepting custom orders by email.  You can email us at bodhileafdesigns@aol.com (or fill out our form on the Contact Us page and your information will be sent straight to us) with what you are looking for (dress/skirt/both, color, fabric, size, etc), and once we settle the details, you must put a deposit (cost of fabric) to hold the order.  We make the dress(es)/skirt(s), then you pay for the labor and shipping fees, and your order will be shipped.  Or if you prefer, you can pre-pay the entire balance.  We try to finish orders ASAP.  Dresses may take a week to finish (at the longest), and skirts may take a couple of days; however, it usually does not take that long.  We can make one dress in one day if we have all day to work on it.  Sometimes if we are busy, it may take a couple of days.  Once the fabric is decided on (or received, if sending it to us), we can get it done as quickly as possible.  Please feel free to contact us to see if there is a wait time, or contact us with any other questions.



  1. Hi Seeking to purchase 1/2 chupa tibetan skirt
    Would like one in blue and one in green. Rich colours not pastels.

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